Our stories are so much more powerful when shared. 

Matt and I find so much encouragement from the power of sharing each other's stories. None of us are alone in this life, and we are all parts of Christ's living church.

If you feel the pull to share parts of your own journey, your struggles and triumphs, your revelations and first hand accounts of how you and God are working out life together, please contact us.  

We would love to post your stories here and allow this site to be about so much more than ourselves. We created this site because we felt the pull to share what God has done and just celebrate through writing how he is directing our lives.


We get messages all the time asking about how to start blogging, writing, gaining online exposure, etc. If you want to share your story with others, this platform is available for you.  

who we are

This is the awkward part. The intros. The part where you try to sum up your entire life's existance in one short paragraph and then realize pitifully that you can.  

So here goes our short summation on our short time here on this earth.


We're Matt and Bryn. We're crazy about each other and love each other so much we got married twice (never divorced...long story, but having two anniversaries means double the excuse to celebrate so winning, amiright?). 


Wherever we live and whatever we do, we want to be like Jesus. He's the ultimate goal, our forever love, and the end game of it all. 


Chasing God has led us through some crazy adventures. We lived in a camper and became minimalists for a few years.  We've adopted, fostered, and been surrogate parents. We've moved across the country, traveled the globe, renovated a 114 year old farmhouse, and helped refugees turn a house to a home. Through it all have been amazed by how higher and greater the Lord's ways and thoughts are from our own. 


These are just some of our stories, because when you see God move you can't help but shout it out in every way you know how. 


Most importantly, we love hearing from you and connecting with the living and breathing body of Christ around the world. 


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